Ministry to Caregivers

The Ministry to Caregivers exists as an outreach to the Parish to  offer support to caregivers and  to give them an opportunity to find common ground with others who might be in a similar situation.   It is the ministry’s desire to offer the experience of community and connection to support caregivers of all ages and stages in life.  Caregivers often experience stress, and possibly isolation because of their role as a caregiver.

There are several variations in caregivers and caregiving.  Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, family, and friends of all levels can be considered caregivers.  Because of the uniqueness of our Parish demographics, we are desiring to reach those who could use an opportunity to be heard, to express themselves, and learn from each other.

All are welcome to attend our meetings and share! If you have any questions or would like to get more information about this ministry, please contact Kathy Siegle through the parish   office—386-427-4530.